SMS Service

Communication via SMS is still the most reliable and effective way for schools to communicate with their parents. Our user-friendly interface makes communicating with parents quick and easy, and delivers the best results when determining responses by parents to sms messages.


Email and Instant Messaging

Email messages and messages through BBM, MXIT and SKYPE are free via the SMSWEB system and could cut down on school communication costs. The parents select their email or instant message preference and this is routed directly to the SMSWEB system, thus saving the school the cost of an sms to these parents…. Emails and instant messages are free!


Online Calendar (EDUCALS)

An Online Calendar with functionality to see all the school’s activities, test and exam timetables. Parents can customize this calendar to display only what is relevant to their child(ren), print it and even synchronize it to their personal calendars, to be updated with school events as and when these become available. The school events can also be setup with a reminder to go out as an SMS through SMSWEB.


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